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About Us

Welcome to Local Pinoy!


What We Are?

Local Pinoy is an online directory that connects people through different Filipino shops, services and events. It is a product of an initiative to answer the problem of locating your nearest local Filipino business whether you are craving for Filipino food or want to experience Filipino events. Local Pinoy want you to feel what is like to be at home in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it cannot find “Jollibee” yet in Australia.


What We Aim For?

Local Pinoy aims to provide a tool or service to enable anyone in Melbourne or the whole of Australia the power to locate their nearest local Filipino businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and other services effortlessly.


What Our Services Delivers?

Filipino are not just known for their delicious food such as “Adobo” and “Lechon” but also known for their hard work and the high quality of service they provide. Local Pinoy promotes high quality Filipino services by creating a platform where finding and contacting them is much easier than before.